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AA Server Configuration Utility v0.6 Beta Released!
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The AA Server Configuration Utility has been released for public use. Please remember that this is still in beta but I need more feedback in order to make it any better.

So if your looking to make it easier to change your America's Army game server's configurations this is the utility for you. This was designed with TWL and other competition matches in mind. It will even work well for thoes that are not so computer litterate after someone sets it up.

-Changes the servers configuration with up to 4 alternate configurations.
-Disables any pb scripts so they are not running during the match.
-Restarts the server (Gameservers only).
-Personalization of each of the alternate configurations.
-Safeguards the ini files from being overwritten (backups are still suggested).
-One click check for updates.

So take it for a test drive and see how easy it is!

Click here to download the AA Server Configuration Utility!

Posted by: MongoRanger on Friday 13 October 2006 - 09:46:42 Comments turned off
New and Improved -
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I have completely redone the site. I hope the changes that I have made will make this site better able to accommodate friends and guests.

Posted by: MongoRanger on Thursday 16 March 2006 - 19:53:00 Comments turned off
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